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6 months ago Fashion & Clothes Anyigba  


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Location: Anyigba
Price: ₦17,00000



I know what must be going through your minds; how can some-thing less than ₦20,000 make me look like a king?Well, worry not for I’m here to reveal just how you can get there!“Did you know…?”According to recent findings, the second most viewed item on a man’s body is his wrist-watch! ; yet, so many men fail to take care of this part of their dressing; they are either wearing a ‘soulless’ wrist-watch or they are worst of all- not wearing one at all. Why? I believe most of these men lack the desire and knowledge for growth, which is surely not the case for any who is reading this;I am writing to share with you, a simple way to make yourself look more valuable to all who come across you daily; research shows that, a man who has a wrist-watch on feels more confident, and seems more attractive than one who does not; In-fact it says that a person with low-self esteem hardly wears wrist-watches!!!Hard to believe right? Yet it’s true.


A quick illustration will show how true this is, I want you to picture in your mind a ‘man’ who is a “go-getter”; then picture another man who has “no drive” to achieve anything.Which of them seems more likely to have a wrist-watch? I thought so too… and so does everyone you meet!!!So why leave this part of your image to chance?The odd thing this research also discovered is this; putting on a wrist-watch which has no “quality” does not improve your image, in fact, it lowers your likability!!!“FILLING A NEED…”this is why our company has come in order to satisfy a need we see every-day, by introducing our special brands of wrist-watches to a market-place that has been filled with over-priced and low quality products for so long; which brands are we referring to here you might ask, we will get to that in a moment, but first; If there was a potion which could increase your desirability by a whopping 13%, how much would you be willing to pay for this potion;(Note: research shows that desirability affects not just sexual relationships but professional interactions as well) maybe ₦30,000, ₦50,000 or for those men who have seen it all ₦100,000; yet, our company is able to offer you an instant 13% increase in your social ratings in a way that is comfortable, stylish and more affordable than any known potion, right at your door-step;How can we do this?“Introducing…”The all new: “CURREN CHRONOGRAPH and “MEGIR WATER-PROOF” wrist-watches; just for ₦17,000 each.Before I talk about the interesting features of these watches;“The Strangest Thing…”A long time expert on wrist-watches was brought in to examine the quality of these watches; so we placed the “CURREN CHRONOGRAPH” and “THE MEGIR WATER-PROOF” side by side with another “brand” of wrist-watches selling at 3x the price of ours, we then asked him to pick the most costly wrist-watch, and to our surprise on the two occasions he picked ours!When we told him the prices, he called us foolish!“The Three Conditions”Now here are wrist-watches which combines the 3 key conditions, that every “top” watch-critic must examine;

Comfort; these watches are built with the comfort of the user in mind, so their straps are made with leather bands of superior quality which are 2.1- 2.4cm in width and 24-25cm in length; which make the watches sit perfectly on the hand of the user as if it was custom made. The tuning dials of these watches are just right and neatly arranged on the side of the watches, they are neither too big nor too small, and are easy to use for the watch owner.

LUXURY; most watch makers’ sacrifice the primary function; telling time, in favor of a fine design not “CURREN” and “MEGIR”; they retain the luxurious appearance of their watches, but never forget the reason their clients purchase one in the first place- as a “time piece”. They tell time with pretty looking hand pieces. The appearance of these watches will get you “compliments” through the whole day.QUALITY: the body of these watches is built with superior alloy; their windows are made with “hardlex”; the strongest glass window for wrist-watchesThey are also water-proof; (which uses technology, invented as recent as 2017) they absorb water up to 3 bar- now when water spills on your watch you simply clean it off!After listing these 3 conditions, I am sure that most will buy such a wrist-watch at 3x the price we sell.In-fact; most wrist-watches from other manufacturers’ with the same specifications as ours’ are 2-3x more expensive.PRICE: I am yet to see a client that was not pleasantly surprised, at seeing the prices at which we sell; I will let you in on a secret, of why we are able to sell at little above manufacturers’ price; you see I pride myself on having an eye for a bargain; I know you have heard of black-Friday deals and the like in retail outlets, now imagine a scenario where these black Friday deals happen every-day! Yes! You read it right everyday!That’s exactly what we look for; we have international contacts on the look-out for such bargain deals- we buy “the best quality at the lowest price” direct from the whole-sellers’A question arises here from the client; why do you not sell at a higher price, and make 2-3 times more gain?“The Spartan Lifestyle…”(TSL.SMEMARKETHUB.COM)The creed of our enterprise is centered on providing; (the best money-saving opportunities+ the highest possible quality) unique service for our clients; in order to retain them as loyal patronsWe are of the belief that; keeping our clients happy is more important, than making excess gain

BONUS: as if selling at a discount (33.33% of perceived value) is not enough, I have instructed my suppliers to make “FREE DELIVERY” for the first 33 customers in the next 7 days; Any-day, anytime and anywhere in NigeriaSurely it can’t get any better than this you say?? Of-course it can; you get your delivery within 3-5 working days!!!!Show me any other retail store that can beat this!I have said it before but it is worth re-phrasing here; I want love from my clients’ not just their money!I can see somebody saying, it is impossible to beat this offer; I am a generous man. A generous man knows no limit, so here’s my final offer to make you order, order now and you get to pay on delivery!!Ps: Remember this offer is for our first 33 orders!You are making your order now?Best choice you can make!Thank you for your time; now you know why you need the best, how to get the best, and where to get the best!


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